Main activity of МК "МВС" is the production of secondary aluminum alloys.
The production base of the company allows to carry out all the processes of recycling of aluminum - from processing raw materials to produce a wide range of high quality aluminum alloys in accordance with Russian and international standards as well as customer specifications.

High product quality at all stages of production and processing - a key priority of the Company!
All incoming raw materials undergo mandatory security entrance control with radiation "Yantar" system having certificates Los Angeles US National Laboratory, IAEA, Interpol and the World Customs Organization.
Equipment for primary raw materials preparation and melting equipment for the metallurgical complex allows to process all types of scrap and waste of aluminum – motor and deformed scrap, shavings of aluminum, cans, slag.

The smelter workshop is equipped with:

  • two rotary tilting furnaces and two mixers firm "ALCUTEK" (Germany), with a total capacity of 200 tons of finished products per day;
  • the filling complex of the two conveyors are equipped with robot stacker "ABB" production (Germany) for pouring the metal into ingots 8 kg. and stacking the packages;
  • the filling line for filling metal into ingots for 650 kg.;
  • equipment "JMC" (England) for the production of aluminum ingots weighing 300-500 grams in the form of pyramids, with the capacity of 5 tons per hour.

The production uses effective modified fluxes and alloying constituents; the produced alloys are subjected to degassing and filtration through ceramic foam filters, which allows to obtain high purity alloys fully meet the requirements of customers.

Today we produce:

  • aluminum alloys for deoxidation according to GOST 295-98, used in ferrous metallurgy;
  • casting aluminum alloys according to GOST 1583-93;
  • high purity alloys and semi-finished products for the cable and electrical industry;
  • alloys, manufactured according to foreign standards.

All alloys undergo monitoring of indicators of the chemical composition and properties with the required accuracy and reliability in our own laboratory spectral analysis with the analyzer of the firm "Spectrolab" (Germany).
Each consignment of aluminum alloy has a certificate of conformity, and each consignment of shipped raw materials pass the quality control and re-monitoring.

To create the necessary conditions to ensure guaranteed performance requirements to the quality of products and services, the company has implemented a quality management system. Realizing the importance of preserving ecological balance in the region and in the sphere of production, as well as warnings of problems in the field of occupational health and safety in the near future МК "МВС" as its priority goals the implementation of an environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 14001.