The main activity of the metallurgical company MK MVS is the production of aluminum alloys. High quality of products at all stages of the product life cycle is the most important priority of the Company!

The production capabilities of MK MVS allow to process different groups of aluminum-containing raw materials, minimizing risks associated with the deficit of certain groups of raw materials in the market, and contribute to the stability of the Company's work.

Production of aluminum alloys is based on advanced and environmentally friendly technologies and is equipped with modern equipment from European manufacturers (ALCUTEC (Germany), JMC Recycling (England):

  • two rotary tilting furnaces with capacity of 25 tons each
  • two casting furnaces (mixers) of 25-ton capacity each, equipped with electromagnetic stirrer system
  • casting complex (casting and cooling conveyor) for pouring molten metal into ingots of up to 8 kg weight
  • casting line for casting of large-size ingots weighing up to 650 kg
  • machine for casting of small ingots weighing up to 0.5 kg, capacity up to 5 tons per hour

The aluminum alloys production process is characterized by a high degree of automation.

Modern gas filtration system of German company Dantherm (Germany) purifies exhaust gases of smelting production and provides full environmental safety.

The smelter's central laboratory is equipped with modern measuring equipment (SPEСTROLAB F optical emission spectrometer (Germany)), which ensures fast and reliable quality control at all stages of the production cycle.

At the moment the production volume of aluminum alloys is up to 40 000 tons per year, and MK MVS has all possibilities to increase it.

The company produces a wide range of aluminum alloys for the automotive industry, aircraft construction, machine building and construction industries, high-purity alloys for the cable and electrical industry and alloys used for deoxidation in ferrous metallurgy.

Among the partners of MK MVS are large Russian enterprises: УГМК, ПАО «НЛМК», РУСАЛ, ПАО «ММК», ОАО «УАЗ», ООО «Литейный завод «РосАЛит» and others.

At present 10% of the Russian export market is accounted for by MK MVS The company is an official supplier of large automobile concerns: Mitsubishi Corporation, Honda Motors, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Nissan Trading.